Amy Noel


Culturing luxury lifestyle for sophisticated connoisseurs, Amy Noel distinguishes herself by providing exceptional design with a full range of complementary services in ultimate luxury. Her lifelong passion for flawless interior design has resulted in the impressive assembly of her extraordinary team.

Extensively immersed for twenty plus years in Interior Design, Amy has cultivated her love of space and color, freedom in form and function, resulting in stunningly simplistic, yet highly sophisticated style.

Amy’s team, under her closely held direction, collaborates with our clients to advance each project from the initial concept through the design phase to its ultimate completion. With first class architects, designers, stylists and facilitators, Noel thoughtfully blends her meticulous style and arousing vision seamlessly for the ultimate objective of her clients, resulting in extraordinary spaces, empowering style flawlessly executed.

Amy Noel’s full spectrum of services provide limitless luxury in areas of interior design for both residential and commercial and design consulting offering her clients further reach for a cohesive lifestyle, in impeccable form.


Marie Cunning, Procurement Partner

Marie Cunning was born in a small traditional town in the Sierras of Jalisco, Mexico and came to the United States in 1975 when she was 13 years of age. While attending college, at the age of 17, Marie started her own furniture manufacturing and interior design company in San Diego, California. Marie graduated with a Masters Degree in Marketing. With Marie’s vision and hard work the company has grown to a large International custom furniture manufacturer, that has an elite list of clients including professional athletes and celebrities. Working on large scale projects where the impeccable execution of custom furniture was a must, Amy asked Marie decided to join forces with Amy Noel Design to give Amy Noel Design clients direct access to custom furniture without all of the middle men. In addition to Amy and Marie’s collaboration, the addition of Wolfgang's Pichler's history of designing award winning furniture and building a successful outdoor furniture brand design business has given Amy Noel Design clients the utmost advantage in the department of procurement and custom furniture design and execution.


Samia Arslane, Contributing Partner

Although Samia's background is originally in fashion, the cross over into our interior design side of things was a natural progression. Just as the interior design side of things at Amy Noel Design segued into fashion and lifestyle coaching, the reverse is true as well for Samia. Samia’s unique depth of experience lends itself to expertise in brand consulting, product launch, and overall great tastemaker. Samia is our agent on the ground in Los Angeles meeting with our prospective clients to decide if we are a good fit as well as being a local contact for our Los Angeles area clientele.

She is known in Los Angeles as a true tastemaker, key influencer, brand specialist and one of LA’s most fashionable women.

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Jenny Tsai, Key Facilitator

Jenny Tsai studied at San Diego State University and earned her Bachelor of Arts degree with an emphasis on Interior Design in 2015. Jenny helps move our projects along from start to finish with fierce attention to timelines and budgets.

Her lightning fast skills in AutoCAD have created floor plans and elevations, as well as produced accurate drawings to scale for space planning. With a fine, accurate attention to detail, she has helped the firm create simple, elegant designs throughout the projects while making them comfortable and functional.

Born and raised in San Diego, Jenny is always exploring new spots all over the city and discovering various arts, from music to fashion and everything in between. She also loves traveling to new places to draw design inspirations from different parts of the world.